• £140,000
Lefke, Gaziveren, Kuzey Kıbrıs
Satılık Özel Lansman Fiyatları


Lefke, Gaziveren, Kuzey Kıbrıs
  • £140,000

Genel Bakış

İlan Numarası ID: EM-21357
  • Apartman /Daire
  • Emlak Tipi
  • EM-21357
  • İlan Numarası ID
  • 2,3
  • Oda Sayısı
  • 2
  • Banyo Sayısı
  • 96


We are delighted to present to you this brand new project that will be perfectly integrated with the magnificent beauty and picturesque view of Gaziveren, the seafront area of Güzelyurt. With its modern design and ideal location, the project offers not just a home, but a lifelong holiday atmosphere. The project has been meticulously designed with expert architecture, landscaped gardens, a variety of on-site social activities and unique Mediterranean views from each property, aiming to build bridges between your current and future dream home. Its wonderful location just 500 meters walking distance from the idyllic beach with its golden sands and crystal clear sea, and the region’s famous strawberry fields are the most popular on the island. Furthermore, the project is coming to life on a plot of over 24,000 m2 and will consist of 4 x 20 storey blocks, 401 apartments with various size options.
On-site amenities include relaxation and walking areas, children’s pools, indoor/outdoor playgrounds, indoor/outdoor swimming pools, gym, restaurants, pool bar, terrace bar, mini golf, children’s playground, fitness center, meeting rooms, study rooms, There are both grocery and souvenir shops, beauty salon, spa with Jacuzzi, sauna, massage room and Turkish bath, soccer field, tennis and basketball courts, mini golf, cycling and trekking trails, fishing, kite surfing, water sports, scuba diving and underground parking for each block. Additional site services include car/quad bike/bicycle rental.

  • Şehir Lefke
  • Bölge Kuzey Kıbrıs
  • Alan Gaziveren


Tarihinde güncellendi Ocak 20, 2024 @ 2:01 am
  • İlan Numarası ID: EM-21357
  • Fiyat: £140,000
  • Kapalı Alan: 96 m²
  • Oda Sayısı: 2,3
  • Banyo Sayısı: 2
  • Emlak Tipi: Apartman /Daire
  • Emlak Durumu: Satılık

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