Luxury Semi-detach 2+1 Villa in Lapta, Kyrenia

  • £390,000
Girne, Lapta, Kuzey Kıbrıs

Genel Bakış

İlan Numarası ID: EM-26812
  • Villa
  • Emlak Tipi
  • EM-26812
  • İlan Numarası ID
  • 2+1
  • Oda Sayısı
  • 3
  • Banyo Sayısı
  • 104
  • 2025
  • İnşaat Yılı


Are you looking for luxury properties in North Cyprus? We can offer you exactly this at our Exquisite project. With its prime location, unique on-site facilities and just 32 villas. Could this be your dream home from home.. just released, don’t miss out.


A privileged life awaits you in the heart of Lapta with Exquisite!

The project, which draws attention with its carefully designed landscape, traditional yellow stone architecture of Cyprus, sandy beach, 2 outdoor swimming pools, 1 indoor swimming pool, gym, sauna and children’s playground, allows you to have a dreamlike experience without getting away from the city.

The stunning 2+1 semi-detached villas epitomise contemporary elegance and Scandinavian minimalism, offering a lifestyle of utmost comfort and refinement.


Lounge X offers an array of opulent amenities, from a rejuvenating sauna and indoor swimming pool to a communal working area, meeting room, elegant bar and lounge, breathtaking roof terrace, an atrium, café, game room, reception and Özeray Office (for providing maintenance and rental services), inviting you to immerse yourself in a world where luxury seamlessly blends with lifestyle.

Enquire now to experience the pinnacle of luxury living in Lapta, North Cyprus. Your new life of sophistication and tranquility awaits.

* The ”Exquisite” complex is located in the Girne/Lapta region.
* The Exquisite project consists of 32 residences.
* Distribution of residences: 30 units (2+1) x (190.5 sqm / unit), 2 units (4+1) x (381 sqm / unit), and (1 unit) Özeray Management building x (657 sqm) = total 7135 sqm.
* All products and materials to be used will comply with TSE and/or EU quality standards.
* Interior walls will be insulated brick, lightweight concrete, and/or gas concrete walls and will be made of materials determined according to the architectural project.
* All residences in the Exquisite project will be equipped with a smart home system.
* Each residence will have 1 roof terrace, and the ground floor will have front, back, and side gardens.
* Camera systems will be installed at certain points for the security system, and an agreement will be made with a private security company.
* Closed Circuit Monitoring System (CCTV) will be provided for recording critical areas around the parking lot and blocks using cameras 24/7.
* Each residential entrance door will have a camera and a password.


  • Şehir Girne
  • Bölge Kuzey Kıbrıs
  • Alan Lapta


Tarihinde güncellendi Ocak 20, 2024 @ 2:01 am
  • İlan Numarası ID: EM-26812
  • Fiyat: £390,000
  • Kapalı Alan: 104 m²
  • Oda Sayısı: 2+1
  • Banyo Sayısı: 3
  • İnşaat Yılı: 2025
  • Emlak Tipi: Villa
  • Emlak Durumu: Projeden Satılık Off-Plan

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